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Acceleration Programs. Corporate Innovation. Startup Support.

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We collaborate with startups, venture funds, accelerators and companies, on consultancy or/and hands-on work, on topics like product management, idea validation, product marketing, business development.

Along the years we have worked on startup programs together with accelerators or private companies: starting with program creation and moving on to scouting for startups and promotion in the startup communities, managing selection process, delivering workshops related to startup/innovation topics, organizing demodays and connecting with mentors/investors.

Services Overview

Acceleration programs

Helping companies innovate and collaborate with startups by creating acceleration programs from scratch, based on the business needs. This can include designing the program, promoting, managing the program, consulting and working directly with the startups.

Corporate Innovation

Working with companies to understand a business case or problem which can be solved by using or building a new software product to satisfy the demand, either used internally or as a standalone company. Support in the process of market research, product creation, launch and growth.

Idea Validation and Prototyping

Customer discovery & validation process, based on market research, validation interviews, behaviour studies, user personas, competition analysis and potential business models.

Product Management

Working together with the team on shaping the product, mockups, prototyping, user interface, product management process, metrics and product engagement.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Designing and implementing an action plan for the growth of a product in a specific market segment, including market research, validation experiments, positioning, launching plan, online marketing.

Business Development

Help startups and companies pursuing strategic opportunities, partnerships or other commercial relationships. Identifying new markets for products/services and creating a strategy for those markets.

Investment Strategy

Understanding the investment needs for the startup. Helping with the finacial planning. Creating a strategy for getting funds. Profiling and listing potential investors. Connections with investors. Advice in the discussions process.

Startup Scouting

Helping companies and startups match together for business development purposes. We're constantly monitoring the Romanian startup ecosystem (700+ startups) and we're in touch with most of them.

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