Startup Discovery – Activize

About our Startup Scouting Services

for Venture Capital Funds, Accelerators and Corporations

Ecosystem overview

Discussions and presentations on topics like: startup trends, investors or funds activities, investments done, exits, IT/startup hubs, industries, startups to monitor.

Monitoring reports

Monthly/weekly reports containing news in the startup ecosystem; investments made, programs launched; startup events/conferences, new startups on the radar.


Reaching out to startups that might be interesting in your program or offer, making intros, facilitating calls/meetings, in various industries and verticals.

Due dilligence support

Support in the process of validation and due diligence with the information we have at our disposal and extra research when needed.

This is what we focus on. Each week we discover 10-20 new startups, research about them, get in touch and have calls with most of them to understand their product and business vision, their status, their needs and plans for next period. Thus, when we do introductions we actually strive for a good potential match between the startups and the fund, accelerator or corporate.

Among the organisations that we helped with scouting