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About the Romanian Startup Ecosystem

We are active in the startup ecosystem since 2012, in local communities, events, meeting with startups and hence we got to have a good overview on what is happening. See bellow a few aggregate numbers based on our discoveries (we refer only to tech startups)
  • Overall IT GDP (7% of Romania, projected to reach 10% in 2020)
  • IT & startup-related conferences: ~100/year
  • Tech/startup meetups: ~1000/year
  • Coworking spaces and hubs: 51
  • Active startups: ~1000
  • Private investments made yearly in tech startups
    • Angel investors: ~ €1 million
    • Accelerators: ~ €500 thousands
    • Venture Capital: ~ €5 millions
  • Exits total valuation: ~ €300 millions

About our Scouting Services

Ecosystem overview

Discussions and presentations on topics like: startup trends, investors active, investments done, exits, IT/startup hubs, industries, startups to monitor. It is useful for strategic decisions.

Monitoring report

Monthly report containing news in the startup ecosystem; investments made, programs launched; startup events/conference happening; new startups that appear in the Romanian ecosystem.

Startup Connections

Introductions to startups: reaching out to them, facilitating meetings. For each startup that is looking for investment (fitting your criteria) and that agrees to be connected.

Due dilligence

Support in the process of validation and due diligence with the information we have at our disposal and extra research when needed.

Team members working on this

Dana Gradinaru

Scouting Partner

Mircea Vădan

Managing Partner.
Business Development.

Andreea Bercan

Project Management. Startup Scouting. Acceleration Programs.

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