Activize's "Startup Way" Program

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Program's vision

This program will give young professionals access to an educational process (knowledge, practice, workshops, reading materials) in the startup field.

By the end participants will have a solid base regarding startup or product processes and will be able to take on projects related to startups activities.

The program is based on a need we observed in Cluj, that of having people profesionally prepared to work in or with a startup. Participation is free of financial charge, but we're demanding a clear participation commitment for the program activities, no exceptions.


We'll go into following topics

Idea validation and market analysis

Product definition and prototyping

Product management basics

Go-to-market strategy

Growth and acquisition

Product metrics


Monetization and business models

Investment and financing

Participant's profile

Heard about startups, knows some stuff about them

Has drive and motivation to learn and commit

Interested in the startup ecosystem, curious to understand it

Team worker, self management, proactive, intra/entrepreneurial

Looks for a job or project-based work in startup-related activities

Previous experience in projects/events is welcomed

Principles we will apply in this program

Era of passive learning is over! This is not a passive school learning process. Take ownership of your experience and learning process! It is an experimental process and most of outcome will depend on your effort and involvement

Your commitment is 100%. Do or Do Not! There is no try!"… and there are no excuses either! No room for halfway attitude

You will become learning/experience buddy with the other participants; you will support each other in the learning experience

Program timeline

Apply until
1st of March

Selection until
5th of March

March - April - May

Program activities

Activities bellow will take 12 hours of your time in each week.
Location - in Cluj-Napoca, at Activize office

1. Biweekly workshops

Presentations and discussions in groups on specific topics mentioned above

(3 hours, every second week)

2. Practical assignments

You'll get to apply what you study on real life projects and see the outcomes of your work

(4 hours/week)

3. Individual study time

We'll provide learning materials, books, videos, articles, for you to go through and learn more based on your desired topics

(4 hours/week).

4. Mentoring sessions

To overcome challenges or to speed up learning process, we'll provide access to mentors our team or from the local community

(when necessary, 4 hours/month)

There is so much potential in the startup world. The trend is growing and it is visible in Romania also. We're riding a wave and our aim is to stay on top of it and benfit of all the opportunities appearing around us, in Romania and Europe. We'd like to extend our network with people who are like us - having an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial, willing to manage themsleves and are willling to take the challenge.

Mircea Vadan
Mircea Vădan

Managing Partner @Activize;
Founder @ClujStartups

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Apply until 1st of March

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