10 foreign startups with Romanian co-founders

As we wrote in the article focused on Romanian startups venture capital funding during 2021, there are a few foreign startups with Romanian founders that raised solid funding during last year. 

Given that, we thought about compiling a list from the database we have with more startups worth noting:

MaintainX  is a workflow coordination, communication, and compliance platform for industrial and frontline teams. The startup helps businesses track reactive and preventive maintenance and control the daily operations, such as safety inspections, quality inspections, and operating checklists—all with a digital audit trail. 
HQ: San Francisco, USA
Founded in: 2018
Raised: 53.8M USD
The Romanian founder is: Chris Turlica

Ezra has created a new way to screen for cancer using full-body MRI technology assisted by Artificial Intelligence. The company’s first AI, developed to assist radiologists when interpreting MRI images of the prostate, is an FDA-cleared software as a medical device.
HQ: New York, USA
Founded in: 2018
Raised: 22M USD 
The Romanian founder is: Emi Gal

Envoy is transforming modern workplaces with products that make office life easier and work more meaningful. Envoy’s workplace platform has redefined how offices welcome visitors, keep employees safe, book desks and conference rooms, and manage deliveries in over 14,000 locations around the globe while building products for a new era of workplace experience.
HQ: San Francisco, USA
Founded in: 2013
Raised: 170.2M USD
The Romanian founder is: Larry Gadea

Chili Piper is a suite of automated scheduling tools that helps sales teams automatically schedule appointments with leads. The company’s intelligent concierge product offers a simple way for prospects to book a meeting or start a phone call immediately after submitting a form on their website.
HQ: New York, USA
Founded in: 2016
Raised: 54.4M USD 
The Romanian founder is: Alina Vandenberghe & Nicolas Vandenberghe

HelloFlow provides a no-code digital onboarding platform to build a sleek customer experience and use the latest digital identity verification services to ensure regulatory compliance – without compromising the customer experience. The platform provides instant access to a host of both international and local KYC and AML services, accelerating the customer onboarding process – all without writing a single line of code. 
HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark
Founded in: 2020
Raised: 3.3M USD 
The Romanian founder is: Ciprian Florescu

Avi Medical runs patient-centric, tech-enabled medical practices that provide a convenient, personalized and holistic digital and physical patient experience, unlike regular general practitioners. 
HQ: Munich, Germany
Founded in: 2020
Raised: 46.9M USD
The Romanian founder is: Vlad Lata

Aurelia is a fintech startup which helps you bring your bank accounts & accounting tools together and easily automate on top of them.
HQ: Tallinn, Estonia
Founded in: 2021
Raised: 3M USD
The Romanian founder is: Sebastian Trif

Proportunity is a technology-driven mortgage lender. The company pushes the edge on real estate data-driven investment insights. It uses machine learning to accurately forecast house prices and up-and-coming areas, providing loans to buyers looking to purchase homes in forecasted high-growing areas.
HQ: London, UK
Founded in: 2016
Raised: 172.7M USD
The Romanian founder is: Vadim Toader

Rockset is a computer software company that offers cloud data infrastructure. They are bridging the gap by changing the way data is stored, processed, and accessed for making better, faster data-driven decisions and data powered apps.
HQ: California, USA
Founded in: 2016
Raised: 61.5M USD
The Romanian founder is: Tudor Bosman

Stellar Health is a point-of-care, cloud-based platform that activates primary care providers to achieve value-based care goals that improve patient outcomes, such as improving quality scores and optimizing the patient care journey through transitions of care and high-value referrals.
HQ: New York, USA
Founded in: 2018
Raised: 75.1M USD
The Romanian founder is: Octavian Costache

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