Author Archives: Ela Posmosanu

How to market a baby unicorn

We all know that there is no such thing as „the best way” to market your startup, there is no right or wrong marketing strategy, just strategies that fit your business.  ‍ However there are a few ideas that change … Read More

What is Media for Equity and why is it important for startups?

What is happening to traditional media? Is it indeed outdated or did we just not learn how to work with it yet? Vinay Solanki, head of Channel 4 Ventures, says that startups nowadays have three significant gaps: the knowledge gap, … Read More

What you need to know before doing fundraising for you business

The concept of FUNDRAISING seems to raise both question marks and exclamation points in the mind of those interested in raising capital. Women in tech Cluj decided to “demystify” the concept of fundraising in technology with the support of the … Read More

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