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Romanian Startups Venture Capital Funding During 2022

Introduction  Ending the year, it’s time to think about what happened in the world of Romanian venture capital investments during 2022. This article is based on our scouting and mapping processes, through which we gather various news, updates, events, opportunities … Read More

Startup ridică investiție la petrecerea de Halloween a lui Elon Musk (Bran)

Vestea petrecerii de Halloween de la Bran, găzduită de Elon Musk, care a avut ca invitați, printre alții, și pe cunoscuții investitorii Peter Thiel, Sergey Brin, Steve Jurvetson, Luke Nosek, Larry Page, a circulat ca un fulger în ecosistemul de … Read More

On Concerns Related to a Startup’s Competition

Recently, in a discussion, an investor said we should watch out for a potential competitor of a startup as a major concern (both startups are very early-stage, barely having a product) and this got me triggered to write this text. … Read More

How to analyze an accelerator and decide if it is suitable for your startup

The other day I was asked by the founder of a startup what acceleration program I would recommend, how he/she should talk to them and what their conditions are. We frequently receive such questions at Activize and there are no … Read More

Overview and news for the Romanian Startup Ecosystem (August — December 2019)

This selection of news was collected along the way as part of our weekly reports we send to our clients, with various things of interest regarding the Romanian startup ecosystem. We’re grateful to and other publications like Startup Cafe, … Read More

Romanian Startups Ecosystem — overview and news for first half of 2019

For more details, just open the links in each of the paragraphs. In case, I missed something important, let me know in a comment. We’ve started with 10 pieces, but the list got close to 40 so far 🙂 Enjoy! … Read More

Corporate Contribution to the Romanian Tech Startups Ecosystem in 2018

The Romanian startup ecosystem is taking up speed. The last 2 years saw much more activity compared with the 2010–2015 period. Together with accelerators and VC funds activity, an important aspect which contributed was the involvement of corporate companies (it … Read More

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