Conferences on tech and startups to check out this spring

Now that the winter season is almost over, it is time for conferences on different topics to take place (still in on-line) and give us the opportunity to meet experts and startups from Europe and the world.

There are plenty of conferences for startups, investors, and other players in the ecosystem that should be checked out:

  1. RE-Work is organizing events all throughout the Spring on topics such as AI, women in tech, retail, healthtech, fintech, and more. The events are all online and can be found here. As an attendee, you have networking opportunities and will receive the powerpoints and presentations held there. 
  1. Codecamp team has shared the conferences that are being organized by them in the following season: The One with Architecture (24-25, February) and coming up next would be  The One with .NET, The One with Java, The One with Software Design, and the last conference of the first part of the year is NDR – The Artificial Intelligence Conference

March, 2021

  1. AI & Big Data Expo (17-18, March) is a two-day conference that will explore AI in the enterprise environment and data & analytics in its agenda which is organized in keynotes and panel discussions. Participants have the opportunity to showcase, network, and promote their products within the conference as well. 
  1. Domopalooza (24, March)  is a free virtual event focused on delivering information on business intelligence. As a participant, you can hear from today’s leading data and analytics visionaries and experts how to think about data differently. The event offers keynotes, roundtables, and on-demand videos for anyone looking to get more value from data.
  1. Wolves Summit (24-26, March) is bringing together founders, investors, and corporate executives both online and offline in Warsaw and Hopin this spring, this year’s agenda is designed to connect CEE startups with the global tech community, showcasing the region’s tech talent to international investors and global players. As an investor and as a startup you have the opportunity to connect with each other through Startup Dealflow.
  1. FinTech World Forum (25-26, March) is an online two-day conference with a focus on fintech and all of the domains that are connected to it such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain. The conference also explores the new trends and the current state of fintech in the form of keynotes and panel discussions.
  1. DataFest (25, March) is a series of events that will be launched in March and that will be featured throughout the year, running from until November, where it will showcase some of the most innovative ideas, businesses, and people in the data and AI landscape.

April, 2021

  1. API Conference (12-14, April) is a two-day conference for API and software architecture enthusiasts whose agenda is structured around workshops, sessions with the experts invited as speakers. As a participant, you also have networking opportunities in the form of coffee breaks, lunch, and other spaces prepared by the organizers. 
  1. International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security (23-25, April) will provide the attendees with an opportunity to gain insights relating to Big Data fundamentals: volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value, modeling, experiments, sharing technologies & platforms, big data algorithm, methodology, business models and challenges, IoT services and applications, software architecture and middleware, machine to machine communications, smart city examples and case studies, architecture for secure and interactive IoT, smart city and transportation, education and learning, encryption, location-based privacy, 3d printing, AI and so on.
  1. EU-Startups Summit (28-20, April) is a three-day virtual event with opportunities for networking and a meeting point for entrepreneurs and investors who are aiming to build international tech companies. The agenda includes fireside chats with internationally successful founders, workshops, and an exciting pitch competition with 15 finalists who can pitch in front of an audience of investors and jury members. The deadline for applications is on March 15. You can apply here.
  1. JavaScript Conference (19-22, April) is a two-day conference with a focus on JavaScript and its usage whose agenda is structured around workshops, sessions with the experts invited as speakers. Besides the workshops and the networking opportunity, you can also get a certificate for your participation at this type of conference. 

May, 2021

  1. DevOps Pro Europe (11-13, May) is a hybrid conference with a focus on DevOps methodology. During the conference, you will see how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy and maintain applications on-premises and in the cloud. The conference’s speakers will have keynote presentations on-site and on-line, but as a participant, you will be able to attend all of them in the form of your choosing. 
  1. Podim (17-19, May) is a two-day conference where startups, investors, and other players in the ecosystem from the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans regions gather and engage in the workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions held on various topics. The agenda was not yet published, but if you are a startup you can apply to their exhibit to connect with regional and global investors here
  1. Digital Enterprise Show (18-20, May) is a three-day conference that gathers cutting-edge technologies and professional speakers to meet delegates´ objectives, challenges, and needs on AI, IoT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AR/VR, Data Analytics, Mar&AdTech, 5G and solutions designed specifically Digital Marketing and Industry 4.0. As a startup, you can also apply to their exhibit to connect with the right stakeholders.  

As many of these conferences will still happen on-line, it’s a great chance for startups to get connected with potential clients, domain experts, and investors at no traveling costs, in the comfort of their homes/office.

We’ll keep this article up to date with other conferences that we might find, so you can come back to it from time to time.

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