Healthtech membership program that gets together, coordinates and promotes the healthcare innovation initiatives in Romania, Moldova and Eastern Europe.

Hubvantage started in 2022 as a pilot program for a number of selected startup founders in partnership with Freshblood HealthTech, UBB's HIVE Health Innovation Centre and Activize, with the support of EIT Health, with the intention to expand the program to other Eastern European countries in the future.



To create a professional space where Healthcare Startups founders and interested stakeholders have access to selected healthcare professionals, to each other and to various opportunities in order to develop innovative healthcare products. 


To develop the Healthtech ecosystem in Romania, Moldova and Eastern Europe.




Efficacy and Efficiency



The main benefits for:

  • Thorough needs assessment for each startup founder;
  • Identifying the immediate need to address;
  • Personalized, one-on-one mentoring with selected mentors; 
  • Access to healthcare specialists to receive real feedback and/or testing of the innovative product;
  • Facilitating access to other healthcare startup founders;
  • Exposure and visibility of the healthtech innovations, work and needs of startups, with the aim of helping them identify the new resources they need to grow;
  • Facilitate access to other healthtech startup founders;
  • Relevant and verified information about the healthcare system;
  • Easier access to various opportunities and resources;
  • Promoting, national and international exposure through the consortium network.
  • Verified information about healthtech startups present in our ecosystem;
  • A better understanding of the healthcare system;
  • New connections with startups and access to investment opportunities;
  • Connections with other players in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Access to healthtech innovations that could be used in the medical practice;
  • Information about healthtech startups in our ecosystem;
  • Support in understanding how tech improves healthcare;
  • Access to resources related to innovation in the healthcare system;
  • The opportunity to create new revenue streams.

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Mircea Vadan

Managing Partner, Board Member @Activize and @FreshBlood

Ion G. Petrovai

Director of Innovation and Co-Founder @FreshBlood

Teofana Ulman

Project Manager @FreshBlood

Adriana Dunca

Project Manager @FreshBlood

Ariana Cordos

Project Manager @FreshBlood

Razvan Chereches

Director @HIVE Health Innovation Center

Nane Varga

Operations Manager @HIVE Health Innovation Center

Diana Escariu

Communication Representative @HIVE Health Innovation Center


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