Romanian Startup Ecosystem Radar (03 – 09 April 2023)

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💸 Venture capital, M&A and funding-related news

1. Profluo, a startup building machine learning-based technology to automate the processing of accounting documents, has reached a total investment of €625K in less than a year after completing its first round of seed investment. Along with Early Game Ventures, the startup’s main financier, a series of angel investors recently joined, including Bogdan Stanciu and Andreea Pipernea from the Bravva Angels community and Cătălin Madan (link).

2. Oncochain, the MedTech startup from Timișoara that develops an innovative oncology data management solution, has obtained a grant of €195.3K euros from the Innovation Norway fund (link).

3. The Cluj-based medical software company Synaptiq, which created the Mediq solution, specialized in making cancer treatment more efficient, accesses a new round of investments, worth €600K. Part of this investment, worth €160K, is open on SeedBlink (link).

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🗞️ News related to programs and events

4. Starting with the 2023 edition of Make IT in Oradea‘s technology startup incubation program, Bright Labs Incubator, it will also be supported by the Estonian investment fund Startup Wise Guys through access to international mentors, partnerships for international expansion and funding opportunities (link).

5. Two startups from Romania, Data Against Data and Savables, have been accepted into the semifinals of the Fifty Founders Battle startup competition within the TechChill event that will take place in Riga, Latvia, between April 27 and 28 (link).

6. The OSC-Hackathons community returns with the challenge of a hackathon competition: between 5-7 May, 2023, the third edition of the H3-Healthcare in Hospitals Hackathon will take place. This year’s edition will take place in a hybrid format, in Iasi and online. Young people passionate about digital transformation can apply by filling out the online form until April 15 (link).

7. Orange Fab, the accelerator program dedicated to innovative technology startups, launches a dedicated call for 5G projects. The call is open to all startups and developers who implement commercial solutions using the 5G technology or network and who are interested in collaborating with Orange (link).

🚀 Various news related to startups

8. Neurolabs has combined their image recognition technology and the latest conversational AI to create ChatCPG, which provides custom insights for consumer packaged goods (link).

9. Bright Spaces won the “Startup of the Year” award and Kinderpedia the “Software Product of the Year” one at the IT Industry Excellence Awards 2023 by ANIS Romania (link).

📢 Other news in the ecosystem

10. Online education academy Skillab has announced the launch of its new platform Robot Dreams, aimed at those interested in the field of IT. It is designed to develop a community of IT professionals who will be able to interact, share knowledge and collaborate on complex projects (link).


from Andrea, Denisa, Adrian, Ela and Mircea (Activize team)


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