Conferences for startups to check out this fall

Now that summer and the holiday season are over, the time to get back to the good old desks and computers has come whether those are at home or at an office. 

Fall is already here and so are plenty of opportunities that come with it in the form of programs and conferences for startups, investors, and more that should be checked out:

September, 2020

  1. TechCrunch SF Disrupt conference (14-18, September, online) with focus on San Francisco has two main focuses: founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology and ideas and startup experts providing insights to entrepreneurs. 
  1. Under the label “Beyond Borders”, the seventh edition of Techsylvania conference will happen online (22-23, September) and will gather experts from different tech-related and startup backgrounds. Besides the keynotes and presentations, participants can join in technical workshops, while startup founders will be involved in Startup Alley exhibition area and in Startup Avalanche competition for €75,000 investment prize.
  1. Infoshare conference (23-25, September, online) has a focus on the Polish ecosystem and, besides attending presentations and webinars, startups can also still participate in the Startup Expo (where they can showcase their product and network with investors, potential business partners or media).

October, 2020

  1. The Next Web (1-2, October) explores the role tech will play in our collective future. The event will gather both startups and investors. Also as a startup you can sign up for the TNW Startup Program and have the opportunity to raise funding, grow your business, or build awareness for €395.
  2. The High Tech Summit (1-2 October) is a 3 days hybrid event taking place online and on physical in Baden Wurttenberg with focus on deep technologies. Startups can apply for the online pitching event as well.
  1. Wolves Summit (5-7, October) is bringing together founders, investors and corporate executives both online and offline in Warsaw this fall, this year’s agenda is designed to connect CEE startups with the global tech community, showcasing the region’s tech talent to international investors and global players.
  1. SOUTH SUMMIT (6-8, October) is one of the biggest conferences in southern Europe which brings together startups, international investors and leading corporations. Startups can also apply to Startup Competition and pitch in front of investors and leading corporates.
  1. Cluj Innovation Days (12-14 October) takes place online this year and the main topics of the conference are how to stay relevant these days, how to become more productive and how to manage your remote team. The conference is organized with workshops and debates coordinated by experts in their fields who can help both startups and small and medium enterprises manage the problems that they are facing regarding productivity, team and product development. 
  1. World Summit (14, October) brings together the AI ecosystem: enterprises, startups & investors and deep tech for 2 days of knowledge-sharing and valuable networking opportunities. This year’s focus is about the future of health, finance, the state of AI and how you can deliver your product ethically and equitably.  
  1. SaaS Stock (12-15, October) is a conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors and has the mission to help SaaS companies to gain traction, grow, and scale. The agenda for this year involves customer centricity, rethinking pricing, funding and investment, productivity and looking after your people and participants can choose which track to follow. 
  1. DigitalK (15-16, October) gathers business owners, corporates and startups to participate at keynotes, workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities. Startups can also apply for their startup competition and will have the opportunity to present to leading European venture capital funds and tech journalists. The final shortlist will pitch on the main stage and compete for €10K cash prize.
  1. Arctic15 (19-21, October) is a conference that focuses on making deals and quality networking between startups and investors in the Nordics. The 2-day event brings together a focused international crowd of startups, investors, corporates, media and influencers. 
  1. Deep Tech Week (22-23, October) will mix online and in-person events in Paris during this edition with the aim to gather once again the global deep tech community. This year’s focus will be understanding the impact of deep tech, sharing business practices and making connections.
  1. Hello Tomorrow Global Summit (22-23, October) focuses on deep technologies to solve our toughest global challenges. Startups have the opportunity to participate in Global Challenge, a startup competition designed for deep tech startups, Corporate challenges, and if they are early-stage in Deep Tech Pioneers to gain visibility and funding opportunities.

November, 2020

  1. European Women in Tech Conference (16-20, November) is a conference that gathers female tech professionals and diversity advocates from across the globe. The conference’s focus is to celebrate the power of resilience amongst female tech professionals as they shine a light on the transformative tech engineered by women of all diverse backgrounds across the world.
  1. Human Capital Europe (26, November) is an international people oriented conference addressing the relationship between human-beings and their company, colleagues and environment. It gives the participants the opportunity to connect with key players, rethink the workplace, go in depth with current HR, mobility and health topics.

December, 2020

  1. Web Summit (2-4, December) will bring together speakers and people that help and redefine the tech community. Startups have the opportunity to to network with investors, showcase their product and discover the new tech trends from the past year. 
  2. And last, but not least, a local community conference we’re also supporting: Upster – an initiative of Cluj Startups, a community-focused conference aiming to support the local startups and organisations to connect with each other more, share knowledge and develop the local network of investors and incubators.

As many of these conferences happen on-line, it’s a great chance for startupers to get connected with potential clients, domain experts and investors at no travelling costs, in the comfort of their homes/office.

We’ll keep this article up to date with other conferences that we might find, so you can come back to it from time to time.

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