Innovation Manager’s Newsletter

Innovation Manager’s Newsletter

Get the highlights of corporate innovation programs, startup investment opportunities and dedicated startup investor activities.

We’ve started working with angel investors since 2018. After organizing 30 pitching events at Transylvania Angels Network and talking with 150+ angel investors at Activize, we’ve designed this newsletter based on the investors' needs. We have weekly talks with startups and the best ones pitch at Transylvania Angels Network. The ones that raise interest to T.A.N. members are the ones that we put them in the newsletter.
The Value

What can you take

HOME PAGE Ecosystem Overview

News and events of interest for investors

Online or offline, the events are a great way to make valuable connections.

HOME PAGE Advisory

Educational articles related to angel investment

They say success is a poor teacher. We’ll send you good startups that failed – so that we all can learn.

HOME PAGE Ecosystem Overview

Startups that we validated and you could invest in

Every week we meet, discuss and filter the best startups we think are suitable for investment.

HOME PAGE Advisory

Syndication opportunities together with other angels

Sometimes our “whale” friends lead some good investment opportunities. We’ll let you know.

For who?

People interested to become angel investors

It’s not an easy process but we try to make it more appealing.

Angel Investors (professional or opportunity-driven)

Who doesn’t love opportunities? Especially the free ones 🙂

Business Angels Networks' Managers

Good information makes the difference. Always.