Romanian Startup Ecosystem Radar (06 – 12 March 2023)

🚀 From our side

Today is the big day for launching the Romanian HealthTech Startups Overview Report for 2023. Make sure to secure your spot by reserving your seat, and join us in person at Stup in Bucharest at 18:00!

During this event, we will discuss the latest trends in the healthtech industry, highlight the accomplishments of over 80 startups, and provide insights into the future growth and development of the ecosystem. We look forward to seeing you there!

💸 Venture capital, M&A and funding-related news

1. Sandu Băbășan and Sergiu Băbășan, investors and entrepreneurs, exit the Nooka Space business, the first network of proximity smart offices in the world. Their participation is taken over by a strategic investor with the objective of accelerating the company. In the next period, the two entrepreneurs will focus on the development of two projects based on artificial intelligence: Footprints AI and TINIA (link).

2. Jobful, the Romanian startup that aims to change the recruitment process, is now looking for funding between €60K and €120K to support its current growth by listing on Ronin, the crowdfunding platform (link).

3. Simtel Team, a Romanian engineering and technology company which is a national leader in the field of renewable energy, announced an investment in the startup Custom Soft Solutions, for the development of a platform that monitors and controls energy consumption and production (link).

4. Anti-food waste startup has opened a funding round through co-investment platform SeedBlink. The round is worth €275K, of which €200K would be raised through the platform (link).

5. Investment platform SeedBlink announced the launch of the secondary market for existing investors. This will allow them to sell or buy shares in startups that have listed on the platform (link).

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🗞️ News related to programs and events

6. The European Digital Commerce Summit will take place on May 4th in Bucharest, Romania and is aimed at entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders who are interested in improving their online sales and marketing strategies. Topics to be covered include e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile commerce, and social media marketing (link).

7. Teams of entrepreneurs from Romania and Bulgaria can apply online to the European accelerator EIT Digital Venture Program for the chance to win up to €25K and support to establish and develop a technology startup (link).

8. The Institute of Excellence in Entrepreneurship (IdEA), the developer of numerous entrepreneurial education and training projects, is looking for startups for cohort #8 of its most famous program, Commons Accel (link).

🚀 Various news related to startups

9. .lumen, the Romanian research startup that builds glasses for the blind, has been accepted into the AlchemistX accelerator in the Telus CSW Canada program, recognized by Forbes as one of the best impact startup development programs (link).

10. HR Club, the association of human resources professionals, launches the Joblandia platform, which facilitates young people’s access to company visits, mentoring, employment opportunities, learning and direct access to work environments (link).

11. Goodroid and Profluo, two companies with expertise in technology, artificial intelligence and digitalization, have signed an agreement whose objective is to support Romanian companies to go faster on the road to digitalization (link).

📢 Other news in the ecosystem

12. Polish fintech company BLIK is entering the Romanian market with a mobile payment platform that allows users to make instant payments, withdraw cash, and make online transactions (link).

13. Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Microsoft Romania in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence. The partnership aims to promote research and innovation in the field of AI and support the development of digital skills among students and faculty (link).


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